Hello all,

GreatSkin have teamed up with renowned jewelry retailer Mondera.com for a very special Mother's Day promotion - aimed at boosting your sales during this occasion.

Details: Free $20 Mondera.com gift certificate toward a purchase of fine jewelry with every GreatSkin purchase.

Coupon Code: MONDERA

Limit one per person. Offer expires May 9, 2005. Your $20 Mondera Gift Certificate Code will be sent via email approximately 5 days after your GreatSkin purchase has shipped. Gift certificate valid through May 8, 2006

Landing Page:

<a href="http://click.linksynergy.com/fs-bin/click?id=ehfjTFSf2yg&offerid=50602.416091617&type=10&subid=">
</a><img alt="icon" width="1" height="1" src="http://ad.linksynergy.com/fs-bin/show?id=CLICKID&bids=50602.416091617&type=10&subid=">
In addition , GreatSkin are offering a Mother's Day discount on selected items:
Details: Save 20% on GreatSkin for Mom's of Every Age!
Landing Page:
<a href="http://click.linksynergy.com/fs-bin/click?id=CLICKID&offerid=50602.420525613&type=10&subid=">
Note: Don't forget to replace 'CLICKID' in the above two Landing Pages to your own 11 digit tracking ID.