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    eddie bauer Affiliates? Are you out there?

    Just wondering if anyone is signed up with the Eddie Bauer program with performics? I can not find any information concerning thier cookie duration or even thier commission structure?

    Seems like they have a branded campain running which is great free advertising for them but doen't help affilaites concerning special offers, sales, incentives or discounts.

    Is anyone working this program? Anyone making money?

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    ??? This is what they have as far as program terms.. Commission Duration 0 days??? I thought cookies had to be set at least 1 day in performics? Someone help here... a 0 Day cookie? NOW THAT takes the cake.. Anyone complaining about a 30 day cookie PLEASE..

    I really wanted to push this program this summer.. If Performics persons are managing this account could someone contact the Aff Manager at Eddie Bauer and give em some learning please..

    Eddie Bauer Affiliate Program
    Commission Duration: 0 days
    % of Transaction: 6.00%

    ---------------- Performics Commission Duration

    hat is commission duration (a.k.a. Look back window, cookie duration, referral periods)?
    Commission Duration is the metric used by Performics to determine whether a sale is qualified for commission to an affiliate. The commission duration is variable and may be any whole number of days between one and 365; each merchant at Performics sets this value according to their own policies. An affiliate may view a merchant's commission duration by selecting the Agreement and Terms option from the approved programs tab in ConnectCommerce.

    The commission duration is set at the time the user clicks on the affiliate's link. At that time, a cookie is placed on the user's computer that is set to expire a set number of days after the click. For example, if a merchant sets a cookie duration of seven days and a user clicks on an affiliate link for that merchant at 12:00 am on May 24, the cookie will be set to expire at 12:00am, May 31. The affiliate will receive a commission for each order placed by a user within the time frame of the commission duration (i.e., if a user places three separate orders within the seven day commission duration, the affiliate will observe three separate transactions in ConnectCommerce).

    Performics employs a standard of "last cookie wins." This means that if a user has navigated to a merchant's website from more than one affiliate website, the most recent affiliate visited prior to making the purchase will receive credit for the sale.


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    Don't bother wasting your Zero day cookies, as Eddie Bowerhawks keywords campaigns on stuff they don't even carry with cookie washing links. Add in the cookied e-mails and a ton of BHO's and this is just a free traffic campaign for domain bound affiliates. Play them if you use PPCSE's, but expect the axe when they squawk about any trademark usage. They hawk other trademarks and have some 3rd party gorilla marketer playing the SEO/SEM games for them.
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    new cookie duration announced: 7 days. I'm putting this in a new thread also.

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