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    Making a datafeed unique
    What are some ways and methods of making a datafeed unique. I am just getting into this and so far I have thought of using synonyms for some words. user reviews, etc. Is there anything else one can do so as not to get punished for duplicate content?


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    use a thesaurus >> Diffferent words.

    ie; you can set up a database of words and their 'change-to' words.
    so that when you read the database an the word 'widget' is read, it can find
    that word in your Database, then replace it with the 'change-to' word which you made up using a thesaurus.
    This will take a lot of time. But other than user reviews, etc .... it's an idea.

    bah, i dunno. I've been coding all night trying to set up a CMS for my site. it's 6am now

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