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    RSI - $1,204.53 EPC and 25% conversions. . .
    Hello team,

    We all know that affiliate marketing is all about conversions and money.

    Sure many of you promote all kinds of goods, from A to Z. At the end of the day, you look at what you made and how much you are getting in a check sent to you at the end of the month.

    Bottom line though, is money....

    I want to show how promotong RSI, can help you maximize your earnings. With targeted traffic, PPC and loading our data feed, you can earn the most for your traffic. Granted, your numbers wil lvary, but look at what is possible on the RSI program.

    Look at the chart below, this is from CJ for this week.

    You have a choice, if you have traffic in this vertical, run your numbers with whomever you are sending your traffic to. If you are not converting like these affiliates are, you are leaving money on the table. Switch to RSI now and start getting paid for what your traffic is worth.

    If you are not in this vertical, can load a data feed and know how to optimize well, join RSI today and start making money.

    Are you a PPC pro, let us show you how to maximize your income with RSI today.

    Listen, we all have choices, it's about conversions and what we take home at the end of the day....

    We are having our best month at RSI, thank you for all your support...
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    Free shipping on order over $169 and standard shipping rate of $9.95?

    Is this the new standard or is this another "test." Either way, it makes us using the RSI banner look bad since the information is inaccurate.
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    jacked by sylon
    I see that RSI has a (1-800-Steal My Commissions) phone number on the top of their home page - and a chat too.

    Do they track affiliate sales from phone and chat orders?

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