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    January 18th, 2005
    Angry WTH?? Linkshare suspend my account and I have no Idea why I get this!!!
    Just get the email from linkshare. I have no idea that why my account is being canceled. Is this just a joke? I am posting affiliate deals just like what I usually do and all a sudden I receive this suspension email. Anyone else get the same thing??


    Your affiliate account in the LinkShare Network has been terminated pursuant to the terms
    of LinkShare's Terms and Conditions. Access to your account has been suspended, and all
    LinkShare links on your site will no longer function effective immediately. If you have
    any questions, please contact us at

    Best regards,
    The LinkShare Team

    Username: techdealcity

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    Don't panic just yet. Email them and ask them what happened. This happened to us just a few months ago and it was an error. I emailed them ASAP and they had us back up and running very quickly. At that time there had been some system upgrade and things just got botched up.

    Good luck!

    ~Lisa - Brilliant Mastermind, or Nut? You decide!

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    February 3rd, 2005
    Dear TDC,

    Please email the email address on your email to get further information.



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    Unhappy Naughty Naughty tsk tsk
    Two possibilities....

    1. Error...Email them and give em hell!

    2.Naughty Practices....The Temptation of evil practices has got your hand caught in the cookie jar.....if to be you.

    Hope its 1.....Hook me up with the info....The way I look at it, you work your butt off to promote these merchants, and you end up getting screwed.

    I remember when the merchants literally begged you to do pay per clicks and now you aren't allowed to compete with them LOL....way too funny

    Good luck


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    January 18th, 2005
    Merchants set the rules these days....and they keep on chaning them as they go. Hopefully the good old days will be back when the economy improves again.

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    January 18th, 2005
    What an unprofessional email from Linkshare. You terminate someone, you give a reason.

    And obviously they haven't suspended the account because the Overstock banner is working.

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