... well atleast I think they are unique!

we are using ASP .NET, and thus have decided to go with Affiliate Wiz, however we already do have a self-programmed affiliate / banner software on our servers... I just dont like it, so I am trying to convince the 'powers that be' to go with Affiliate Wiz.

Now I have a few questions... like:

we were thinking about implementing flat monthy rates to affiliates depending on their google rank. Has this ever been tested before?

We sell sports testimonials here, and then afterwards try to refer our customers to a 3rd party sports bookings (betting) company, thus we ourselves are affiliates... Is there any way we could pay our affiliates Tier 2 comissins on the Sports Bookings? Would this cause more problems than it would create? I ask because since if we did this, we would then be dealing with "gambling", which is a big no-no in the affiliate world, and would greatly limit the number of affiliates able to advertise our service.

I was thinking of paying $3 per CPL form a customer fills out. Is this rate competitive with other companies?

What incentive programs work?
-> Increased comissions based on performance?
-> Monthly prizes for top affiliates?
-> random affiliate draws?
-> $5 to join?

What are the main problems encountered with AffiliateWiz and/or new affiliate managers and their new affiliate programs?

I have been employed only a week, so I am still green. I have, however, been doing a whole lot of research and reading, and do have a solid grasp on things... well as much as I can without having the software installed yet.

I have alot of experience as a multimedia designer and programming, but not so much with marketing, which is going to be my biggest hurdle to clear.

anyhow, any insight to my questions would be greatly appreciated!