I have a rap music forum, http://www.rapnation.com that is fairly active, about 200 posts and 3,500 page impressions a day. I'm having difficulty making it profitable though. I'm mainly running adsense on the site and have a single ad in the header and an ad after the second post in each thread. On average I only get 2 clicks on the ads per day with an average price of $0.07 cents per click.

1. Is there a better content based ad program I can use than adsense.

2. I hear forum CTR's are notoriously low. What kind of CTR should I expect from this forum?

3. Are there any techniques I could use to improve the click though rate without driving off the visitors to the site.

4. I have about 30 relative inbound links that are about 2 months old, a yahoo directory listing and am working on DMOZ, but still PR0, not ranked in the top 1000 for "rap forum" on google and am receiving very few new visitors. What can I do besides PPC?

5. Any general advice on how to make forums grow is appreciated.