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    January 19th, 2005
    Thumbs up LUCKY - Domain Name!!

    I purchased a domain about a week ago. It is a great domain name!

    The domain name has never been purchased before..

    On the first day the site went LIVE...
    I got 38 type ins!

    On the second day 29 type ins..!!!!

    NOT A LOT OF TRAFFIC - BUT it did surprise me to see the stats the next day! COOL...!!!!
    I have no links to this site as of yet - because I haven't made my rounds and put up the new links.. 3 sales already and it's only been up two days!
    It's a new domain for a new merchant I am promoting.. it is a totally different niche than I usually work with - so it's cool that I got instant traffic for it!

    People have probably been typing that domain in for YEARS..
    Just wanting someone like me to buy it....

    It's just wierd that it has never been built on before...!
    It just goes to show that NOT ALL of the good domains are GONE..!

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    January 18th, 2005
    Cool, cool, cool.

    I once bought a domain that got type-ins. Unfortunately, the people who were typing-in for me were looking for porn!! As soon as they found out that my pictures are rated G, they went away
    There is no knowledge that is not power. ~Hemingway

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    Excellent find! Hope all works out great for you.
    Ray Thomas
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    Leader you mean you don't have porn on your sites..??
    I thought that was a requirement for web sites..


    Yep that targeting really works...
    The domain matches the contents EXACTLY...
    when they type it in they find what they wanted..!


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    What is a "type in"?

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    A type in is when someone just types in the domain name
    instead of searching for it...

    At least that is my best guess since they did not search..

    There could be TYPO LINKS out there.. but none of them have refering urls..
    So they must be type ins..

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