Hi gang

Need an injection of sanity as I'm getting bogged down by all the options.

Simply put I will be using datafeeds which will automatically update my mysql tables on a weekly basis. This is cool and the script is pretty much in place so no problems there. My confusion is related to how I go about displaying the listings on the front end. I basically have 2 options as far as I can see.

1. Custom php template pages that I will design myself and include options such as categories and search that you would expect to find on any normal ecommerce site.

2. Rip apart oscommerce, Zen etc or some links script.

I can see benefits and downfalls for both options. Custom scripts would allow me greater control for example while ripping apart an existing cart is going to take some time to wade through the useless stuff that I don't need.

Is there any hard and fast rule about this. General recommendations and opinions would be greatly appreciated.