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    I am getting dismal conversion rates for this month. Anybody seeing a similar pattern?

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    I am not an affiliate of theres, but do you think it has anything to do with the yub thing?

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    January 18th, 2005
    I have had nothing there this month. And I did ok for them last month

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    I've recently been testing a number of spyware apps, and I've found an awfully big parasite app -- not widely discussed here -- that's intensively targeting among a handful of others (~20). Silent redirection of type-ins and other affiliates' traffic back through this affiliate's link. Spyware vendor's software gets installed through security holes, as well as numerous misleading bundles, ActiveX popups, and other such methods. This is surely having at least some negative effect on your conversion rates at (and the other targeted merchants), though it's hard to know how much of your problem to attribute to this specific bad actor.

    If anyone has a good relationship with's affilaite program manager, perhaps put me in touch. I'd be happy to provide video and packet log proof, as well as examination and analysis of relevant sections of the program's data files.

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    Can we safely assume only the elite tricksters, professional e-mailers & Dupers have a inside track to's affiliate manager. BHO's are on auto-approval and need no conversation. A few times when worried someone refuting to be the AM posted here over the years. Guess that AM is employed by Linkshare like most majors.
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    Hi Bedelman,

    I am the marketing manager at, you can contact myself or our affiliate team anytime M-F at or call me directly at 949-389-2431! I look forward to hearing what you've learned. Now that we are with Commission Junction starting 6/1, they have a network QA team that I have personally seen in their office where their sole function is to find these type of websites and give them warnings for compliance. If they don't reply or comply, they get terminated from the network. This is one of the many reasons we value our new partnership with CJ.

    Thanks for your feedback,


    Melissa D. Salas | Marketing Manager
    85 Enterprise Ste 100 |Aliso Viejo | Ca. | 92656
    P/F: 949-389-2431 E:

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