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    Adsense AdLinks vs the normal Adsense Banners
    Is the rate for AdLinks the same or lower than normal Adsense banners?

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    I'd like to know this as well

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    Adwords announced today they are offering both PPCSE and CPM Adwords campaigns.
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    I have found that per impression, the google ad links generate much less income. However, they have a sleek design that I am able to blend in much better so they flow with the layout of my sites much better. At this point, since they have only recently launched, I would say that if you are looking for the best way to make the most income, then the normal ads would be better. If you are looking to implement a good design and that is a major issue, then I would highly consider also using ad links.

    Bottom line is that everybody will have different results because there are so many different factors to consider... Best thing to do is add them to your site and use custom channels to track everything and see how it goes. Track your stats with it and without it. Then make an educated decision based on that...

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    I concurr with you Futurecrown, the AdLinks are easier to blend into a design but the flipside is they I've gotten much poorer results out of them.

    Sometimes the list of links topics that come up are non-sensical, which probably doesn't help. I've kept a few around, since they're probably still making adjustments to how things work.

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