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    A True but Sad story...
    So I played MegaMillions yesterday... $205Million - why not? Bought 108 tickets ... all quick picks... and on one of the tickets ... the 19th one specifically (I'm sure I'd be asked) on the fifth game matched the Powerball number - wow $2 ... then I looked at the other numbers ... and get this .... each one of them .... were one digit off the winning numbers.

    Yes, every number was off by only one digit ... that is what kept me from sending all our affiliate members a million dollars each - oh - yes I would have! (well, maybe not chocolate chicken )

    But ... I'm used to this type of agita ... couple of years ago when the NY Lotto was $96 Million, I bought 100 quick picks and .... get this ... this is even worse ... all numbers matched except one ... so I got second prize ... $1,700.00+ .... one digit off the main prize.

    In retrospect ... I've already won, with my familly, friends [off line and on line] and faith. Thank you to all for being there to help cull the hurt of losing another ~ $100 Million.

    May we all appreciate our lives, loves and losses and attain peace, love and even better SERPS.
    Continued Success,

    The secret of success is constancy of purpose ~ Disraeli

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    Wish you had beat out the lucky one in Port Huron Michigan Haiko. We all could have used a ABW spiff or a bling-bling souvenier.
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    "that is what kept me from sending all our affiliate members a million dollars each"

    So what is keeping you from sending them 50 cents each? x2

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    Oh man - so close and yet so far away!

    Better luck next time!!!!

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    Yes, every number was off by only one digit ...
    I'm glad to see this post, so now I confirmed that (we) the Capricorn's share the same luck in the lottery.

    I have had similar results in the last three years, always one or two digit off.

    C'est la vie, maybe one day they will make a mistake and we the Capricorn's will collect a big price. (as long as we play the numbers, of course.)


    FWIW, I have four numbers that I always play but, about three years ago I was in a meeting and I was not able to buy those numbers, guess what....
    that was the first and only time that those four numbers came out.

    Yes, I must be stupid because I still going after those four numbers with a vengeance, but if they come out again before I die or before I run out of money, it will be all worth it.

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    I too am capricorn and many years ago back in the UK I got 8 draws on the football coupon. Normaly it payed around 75,000 pounds but I only got 74 pounds as there were a lot of winners.
    Before I knew how much I was going to get I went went on a weeks fishing holiday caught a bad cold and had to take a week off work to recover so in reality my win actualy cost me money LOL
    One day parasites and their ilk will be made illegal, I bet a few Lawyers will be pissed off when the day comes.
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    Next time, start a paypal account so we can all send a buck (plus paypal costs) and you can buy for us all. Could be fun.
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    Sorry to hear you didn't win! Being that close may be a prep for the future - when you nail it!

    I have a friend who was playing the Florida lottery. He had a psychic friend give him the numbers to play. He did, every week for 6 months. He won a little here and there, but never the big one!

    One week, he was tired after working a lot of overtime and forgot to buy his lottery ticket on the way home. Guess what...that was the week ALL OF HIS NUMBERS HIT! And it was a BIG one, no winners for weeks and weeks, so a big jackpot. Needless to say, he was pretty sick about that for a long time...


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    I won a new car in 1991, a Ford Escort station wagon. So I have wasted my chances at ever winning anything again on an Escort Wagon!
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