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    One very Annoying thing about ShareASale!

    I like ShareASale alot and have been with them for a few years now, but there is one very annoying thing about them, which is now putting me of as I am using some of their merchants datafeeds and it is making my site look very poor.

    What I mean is that I am finding that I add merchants datafeeds to my site and then I go into ShareASale to check my stats online to find that one or two of the merchants have suddenly become inactive. They may online be inactive for a little while, but while they are inactive I have thousands of dead products links accrossed the entire site of mine.

    The way that ShareASale can help me here is if they actually emailed me when a merchant that I am partnered with becomes inactive. At the moment I seem to not receive anything from ShareASale saying that a merchant has become inactive and this is now affecting my business.

    I have signed up to the premier program about 6 days ago but have heard nothing yet and I should be able to get in as I have not done any fraud and I am also producing about 1 - 6 sales a day for their merchants and this is likely to increase by a very large amount over the rest of this year if I get into the premier merchant program.

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    email them
    why dont you email them and ask ..????
    every time i email them, they get back very quick...
    and always solve my questions,,
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    Use the Redirect
    You have the ability to name the redirect destination for invalid links. When a merchant goes temporarily off line, SaS will redirect the web surfer to your specified page. They include the merchantid so you can programmatically handle the default.

    Using PHP or other server side script you could make this destination page email you, sent a text message to your cellphone or whatever. You could even make it temporarily deactivate the merchant. For that matter, you could make your program email the merchant (he, he, he).

    If you are super nice, you could increment a counter and send the link to the merchant (or course, you would not get a commission on sales.)

    The SaS invalid merchant redirect gives you a great deal of control over the reporting of invalid SaS links.

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    "You have the ability to name the redirect destination for invalid links"

    With a bit of wile you can configure a landing page that will make productive use of the redirected traffic. This is a far cry better than the virtual black hole of CJ, BF, and LS expired links.

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    I didn't know SAS has this!
    Now that is one nifty tool. Now all I need to do is figure out how to code up a page that will SMS me the error. Very nifty.

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    When programming your scripts you really have to use your head sometimes to try and get it right the first time and make sure your scripts works to its full potential.

    I had just realised that ShareASale offered this feature just as I started this thread. But I didn't know what to write on valid link page.

    I managed to write something, which shouldn't turn my visitors away due to invalid links.

    But I didn't think about actually coding the page so that once a merchant goes ofline, I will receive an email plus coding it so that it deactivates all the merchants products within my database straight away.

    Does the page only get shown when a merchant is temporarily offline or does it also get shown when a merchant is still online but I have some outdated links in my database, which gets clicked.

    If so, then it would be best if I only go with the email system.

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    What can I say now!

    I have just done the scripting for this page and it works just fine. ShareASale is the BEST!!!

    All I need now is to get approved for their premier program as well and I will then be sorted with lots of money coming in from sales!!!

    I have emailed ShareASale, but have not had any response as of yet.

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