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    Newbie question about log files
    Hello everyone,

    Since I am using both Adwords and Overture, I mean Yahoo Search, to generate traffic, how do I tell the difference between paid traffic from Google and Yahoo and free traffic when I look at my log files? I don't think I get much free traffic (hence the spending) but I think it would be nice to know just in case someday GooYahoo takes pitty on me and ranks my sites in the serps. Thanks in advance.

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    Hello TheWebDiva,

    What you can do is, set up tracking url's to use for all ur Overture (err yahoo) PPC campaings.
    For Example:
    instead of sending visitors to or
    you can send them to or
    This way it will come up in your log files as the source. (rather than 'overture' you can put a unique for each link, that way you can have very detailed tracking, using your logs).

    (test it out first... try

    More information is available at the Overture (or Yahoo search page) at:
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