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    What is common practice for newly purchased domin names the will not be able to be developed for a few months?? I have purchased a few and just was to have a good 'comming soon' page.


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    As far as i know you can do what you like with your domain.
    I think it can be 'comming soon' for as long as you like.

    ie; (can't remember where i read it) someone had a domain for 7 years,
    which was never used. Only recently decided to use it and found it has been receiving type-ins for years.)

    Another example is the one domain I always wanted (it's my name .com) but has
    been registered for many many years, with nothing but a 'domain not for sale' on it.

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    could use a domain parking service such as sedo .. or your registrar or host may offer you a domain parking service that pays you per click

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    I normally write up a one-page blurb with a nice number of important key phrases that I'll likely be targetting, along with a generic logo (where all I do is Photoshop-in the name of each site) and then get a couple of Google-able links pointing to that page. It then happily goes about its business of getting PR and waiting out any, ahem, sandbox effect. By the time I develop the site, the page is normally drawing in visitors and has good PR. The blurb doesn't have to be spot-on to what you're actually going to have when the site is live, just merely something to get the main keywords and phrases in for the time being.

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