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Thread: This program DOES NOT play cookie tricks!!

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    Thumbs up This program DOES NOT play cookie tricks!!
    In the Midnight Cafe, you will see a thread entitled "This is even worse than a parasite" about an indie program who sends e-mails to customers and overwrites the affiliate cookie when the customer clicks through from the e-mail. This is dispicable behavior.
    I am proud to announce that I have done some testing and that all Betty Mills affiliates can rest knowing that when Betty does send a newsletter/e-mail advertisement to a customer, if that customer has an unexpired affiliate cookie on their machine, Betty does NOT overwrite it, therefore NOT cheating the affiliate out of a sale.
    Betty apparently knows and understands how important their affiliates are and does not feel compelled to cheat them.
    If you have been eyeing this program and have not yet joined, this information should push you over the to speak.
    These people are not only nice, helpful and pleasant to deal with, but they are HONEST.
    Kudos to the Betty Crew!!!

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    Nice PR move to show your intent to keep your affiliates cookies protected.
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    Nobody from BettyMills asked me to post this. I am in no way linked to Betty Mills, other than being an affiliate of their's. I posted it simply to let others know that this is not a program that keeps its hands in the cookie jar.
    It is time to out the sleezebags who do this and at the same time give kudos to those who do not.
    It is the right thing to do!

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