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    Question xml coupon feed confused
    Seems like a waste of time, if it's only purpose is to monitor when new coupons / specials come available.

    I would propose putting the data that you link to, into the feed instead. I can even deal with for the URL. That way I can parse and display the data in one step.

    Heck, I'd even add all those participating merchants

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    Thumbs up good idea!
    Wow, what a great idea verty! I love working with XML/RSS feeds, just look at how popular Allposters xml feed is. I can't wait for Brian to add a second feed that looks like this:

    HTML Code:
    - <item>
      <title> - $5 discount on orders of $35 or more</title> 
      <link>(Tracking URL for Deal:)</link> 
      <offer>$5 discount on orders of $35 or more </offer> 
      <description>$5 discount on orders of $35 or more</description>
    I don't know about you, but that looks like a whole whack of easy, scriptable, database entries!

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    Problem is once this data becomes available, it'll be splashed all over the internet making it worthless. It'll devalue sites that use it because the search engines will classify it as duplicate content. What value is that?

    - Scott
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    duplicate content
    I'd say:

    1. Coupons are as opposite to unique content as is possible in affiliate marketing
    2. Automating the process doesn't really change the fact that a million coupon sites already post these deals anyway
    3. That data is the bare minimum needed to convert a viewer to a buyer (or impression to clickthrough if you prefer)
    4. Again, that's so little info that many pages could be made unique to SE's with *additional* content.
    5. I'm thinking that I'd rather convert my existing user base, promote my merchants, and make sales.. rather than worry too much about SE's (that'll drive you to the brink, trust me)
    6. I just like attention..

    Any merchants have thoughts on this ?

    Would you prefer to wait for users to login, grab the code to post your coupon or deal, and add it to their site. Then hope they take it down on the right date, so your sales/customer service dept doesn't get a tonne of useless emails/phone inquiries..


    Automate the whole damn thing ?

    I care, that's why I rant

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