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    Are 120-Day Cookies Adequate?
    As a merchant, one of the frustrations of using CJ is that we can't set cookies beyond 120 days. I know that 95% of transactions are supposed to occur well within that period, but what about the other 5%?

    Does it bother you that you missing out on 5% of your income? It bothers me. I think we should be able to offer lifetime commissions, and I can't see any logical reason for a 120-day maximum.
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    FYI, for accuracy's sake...I believe the figure to be more like 98% of affiliate-referred transactions occur within 72 hours, and then within a week another 2%.

    But those are network averages, and programs will vary. If you were selling a high-consideration item, then naturally you would expect that cycle to extend and you ought to include your partners in that consideration-purchase time-frame.

    No need to guess, I would suggest checking out your site reporting package for the exact numbers and then base your program's cookie on that. For my situation, we use Omniture and I can see that for all my stores, 99%+ of transactions take place within a week of first visit.

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