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    Does Linkshare have a CJ Sid equivalent feature

    I am new to Linkshare and was wondering if they have a Commission Junction Sid equivalent feature, whereby one can more precisely use in the tracking code to know where the sale may have orginated.

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    possible solution.

    You can use the sub-affiliate feature to do some rudimentary tracking. Not as convenient as the SID feature though.


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    They do have a "Member ID" tracking option (with u1={flexible_id_code}). You have to request for the feature to be enabled for your account.

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    LinkShare Signature Technology offers affiliates the ability to track and generate detailed reports on the commerce activity generated by their site and/or sites down to the transaction level of each individual member, organization or sub-site.

    For more information, please click below to access the Affiliate
    Resource Center. In the "Products & Services" section you will find
    information on Signature Technology. Here you can access an overview of this technology as well as the request form that must be completed and emailed to



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