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    WalMart Individual Product Frustration
    UGGH- I am trying to put individual books and a few other products on one of my pages. I can't find any of these products by going through 'individual product' in the create links area. I also don't see an advanced users spot- (like Target has) where you can search for products and then build links.
    Am I missing something?

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    help... anybody

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    Hey Cheapmom,

    Try this:

    HTML Code:
    Replace SITECODE with you 11 character linkshare ID and get the PRODUCTID off of their website directly. The ones I saw were 7 digits. I am not their affiliate manager (obviously) so I can't assure you of tracking, but you might want to do a test if it is important to you.

    Hope this helps,


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    Ive spoken with the Wal-Mart Account Manager in regards to Individual Product Links:

    The easiest solution would be for the affiliates to get the merchandiser feed through LinkShare.

    Due to the volume of products Wal-Mart has it takes time to search
    through all of the individual links. The easiest way is to make a broad search in the appropriate category. For example if you are looking for a sweater in the George line - select the apparel category and input George. You can then refine your search to search for sweaters. This is what I have found easiest.

    Unfortunately due to the way Wal-Mart reports and tracks links,
    affiliates are not able to browse the Wal-Mart site and create their own links. Each
    page must have a unique &dest value which Wal-Mart assigns through the affiliate program.



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    Thanks much to both. For now I have added the items from instead of using WalMart. They have a really easy linkbuilder. Since I am just starting out in Aff. Marketing and I am not making any money yet I am very hesitant to pay $250 for the feed.

    Thanks so much for that code- I will try that when I get a chance.

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