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    I signed up with SAS a couple of days ago and today is the first day I have live links up. So far the entire experience has been excellent. I was initially very skeptical coming from poor experiences with LS and CJ, and just terminated my Kolimbo account (don't even get me started on that topic). I dismissed SAS at first glance and here's why I decided to give them a try:

    1) Brian is present, active and responsive on the board;
    2) There are so many favorable posts about SAS from other affiliates;
    3) SAS doesn't appear to be parasite infected yet;
    4) The features discussed on the forum sparked interest (such as the availability of datafeeds, make-a-page and templates);
    5) And, of course, the poor performance of the bigger networks lately.

    I haven't made a sale yet but the clicks are starting... and hopefully I will actually see proper credit and (gasp!) checks from SAS.

    My two cents' worth...


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    Your quite right!

    I am an affiliate of ShareASale and I prefer them that other networks because I have free access to the datafeeds.

    If you also offer a datafeed then you should be able to increase your sales quite a bit depending on what you are selling and how big your datafeed is.

    The more you offer, then the more chance that people will integrate your datafeed into their site.

    I am new to datafeeds, but after about 2 months of using them, I now find them the best way of producing sales for merchants and they are also quite easily to maintain on a site.

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