I have always supported LS, however this last episode has bitten me the wrong way - a bite I fear that I will not recover from.

We are missing crucial metrics for our own revenue streams Steven - do you understand that? You took that away from us a month ago, and it has not returned. I am referring specifically to the "Partner Payment Distribution." That metric shows (at best) one or two merchants for March, and doesn't give any real information that we have seen in the past. Of course, you know the old "Payment Report" has not been updated at all for March 2005?

Do we still have a business relationship here? One in which reasonable questions get reasonable answers?

If this were any other business, we could simply find another vendor. All LS has to do is make a reasonable effort to keep us updated, but we have received nothing except an initial email and post concerning what the Analytics program does, or references to that original email. Apparently management at LS either cannot or will not spend just a little time keeping us updated about the program (as "Partners" really should).

Steven, can't you or someone else in a leadership position with your firm come in here and let us know when we'll see the information we need? It might take a whole twenty-minutes of your/their time.