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    Question Spam and Tracking code
    Hi al,

    Im trying to create an email to send to our actual customers ( around 35 000 ), this will be a newsletter email, as well as an upsell email.
    I want to track who opened or not the email, so I integrate a tracking pixel.

    If I send the email without the tracking pixel everything is fine, but if I include the tracking pixel, the email is marked as **SPAM**.
    Does anyone knows how I can make my own tracking without beeing marked as spam ?


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    What is happening is users on your list are complaining that this is a SPAM message and the larger mailers are blocking the domain you are using for your pixel or links, in that case you can do some simple ASP or PHP code to do a redirect on them that wont be detectable by the initial text scan of the email:

    IE your links would change to something like this:

    ASP link you would put in your mailings:

    can lead to or whatever affiliate networking system you use.

    Here is sample ASP code that would do just that:

    <% dim cid
    You will of course have to host this on your own hosting, personally I recommend a great hosting solution that specializes in internet marketing, also when you sign up for their packages you can some good bonuses like $50 google adword credits etc... They support both PHP and ASP on their packages.

    Here is a sample of the PHP version of the same thing:

    Link you would put in your mailings:

    can lead to or whatever affiliate networking system you use.

    PHP code to post on server as ad.html:

    < ?

    If you have any questions feel free to email me or reply I will keep an eye on this thread.


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    If that's the only difference, they might be triggering on the 1x1 tracking pixel. You might try using a logo-sized tracking image (that actually displays your logo) instead.

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