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    AOL Rebuilds Messaging Client from the Ground Up
    Jay Wrolstad,

    Internet portal AOL has initiated a major makeover of its instant-messaging client with an early-stage beta test of a new architecture and code base dubbed Triton.

    The new AOL instant messaging (AIM) architecture takes a modular approach to building messaging applications and supports features such as live PC-to-PC voice communications, streaming video messaging and media file transfers.

    Modular Approach to Communications

    "We have re-engineered AIM from the ground up in an effort to meet the demand for a wide array of communications options," AOL spokesperson Krista Thomas said. Those options -- which currently include mobile messaging, video conferencing, multiparty messaging and Voice over Internet Protocol -- are expected to increase, she said.

    The revamped software's modular-component base is designed to help users manage all of those services through a single interface, Thomas said. Triton should officially launch later this year. But in the meantime, one more update of AIM 5.9 is expected, she said.

    Triton features a Quicknote application that replaces the initial IM window to provide a snapshot of contact information about an IM "buddy" and lets users launch an IM session, initiate an AOL Talk session or send a mobile text message to a mobile phone user.

    With the tabbed messaging interface, AOL customers can move from text to mobile instant messaging or AOL Talk. Down the road, users will be able to launch video IM sessions, share files or images, and play games with one click.

    The Catcher feature holds all messages in a single interface, letting users filter messages and more easily manage the flow of multiperson IM sessions.

    New Look for AOL

    Thomas noted that AOL still is tweaking Triton and that the beta version does not yet include all of the features expected when the product is officially launched.

    Boasting some 30 million unique visitors and 20 million active users, AIM is the leading messaging system in the U.S. With Triton, AOL has taken the next step in rebranding the company, said Su Li Walker of the Yankee Group.

    "Instant messaging is their biggest public service, and AOL has given AIM a more mature look in an effort to retain customers while drawing new users with a number of new features," Walker said.

    The single messaging interface is a notable improvement, Walker said, improving organization by eliminating clutter on the desktop that builds up during multiparty messaging sessions.

    And, the analyst said, AOL is now prepared to make multitasking on the PC a lot easier with stronger support for voice and video chats as well as text messaging.

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    Wonder how long it will take the sex trade to invite new users into a chat session.... 5-10 seconds is my bet.
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    >>>demand for a wide array of communications options

    not to mention more ways of inserting infamous apps into our computers.

    I'm experimenting with GAIM, the open source version of IM. you can tie all your accounts into it in one instance and there are no strings, either. works on Windows and U*ix platforms. and it's free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herb ԿԬ
    I'm experimenting with GAIM, the open source version of IM.
    I've been using gaim for a few years and wouldn't use anything else. It's cross-platform, I trust the code base more because it's open source, and it works nicely.

    The only annoyance is that once in a while Yahoo will change the protocol to lock out the third party IM clients and then it takes a day or two before it's been reverse engineered and released into a gaim update.

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    when I found aol's IM (one version) was due to install weatherbug on my machine, I cut off any more "upgrades." wonder what they have up their sleeves now . . .

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