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    Coalition Forms To Protect Cookies
    Brian Morrissey,

    A coalition of agencies, publishers and measurement firms hopes to head off a consumer revolt against Internet tracking cookies.

    Safecount brings together online ad industry leaders to discuss steps to insure the reliability of cookies, which are used throughout Internet advertising for measurement, targeting, frequency capping and research. The group said it would work to safeguard consumer privacy while improving counting systems for advertisers. Surveys by Nielsen//Net-Ratings and Jupiter Research suggested over 40 percent of users delete cookies from their computers monthly.

    "There are beneficial reasons for consumers to want to have these tools in place," said Cory Treffiletti, svp and managing director of Isobar's Carat Interactive, San Francisco. "We need to support the proper measurement and counting methods out there."

    Much of the concern stems from spyware-removal software, which often identify Internet cookies as spyware. Treffiletti blames these companies for "preying on consumer fear" of identity theft. He said Safecount hopes to work with the firms to separate cookies from malicious tracking programs.

    The group's 19 founding members include agencies Carat, Interpublic Group's Universal McCann, WPP Group's mOne and aQuantive's Avenue A/Razorfish; publishers like MSN and; and research firms Dynamic Logic and Luntz Research.

    Reports in March of the demise of cookies sent tremors through the online ad industry, since without them the Internet would lose its major advantage on many media: measurability. Though research released last week by aQuantive's research unit suggested the cookie surveys greatly exaggerated actual deletion, Nick Nyhan, CEO of Dynamic Logic, said they are a warning shot for advertisers as tracking spreads to other media.

    "We want to provide a way for the industry as whole to learn and to come to some consensus," he said.

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    Lightbulb Thanks !!

    Hi, MobileBadBoy,

    A thought provoking post.

    Much better then the "How are sales at CJ today?" type of post.

    Thanks !!

    RadarCat, Webmaster

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    I'm all for saving the cookies. I think we need to get programs like Spyware: Search & Destroy and Ad-aware to stop deleting cookies.

    - Scott
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    I think one of the major problems lie with the makers of anti-parasite/spyware software themselves.

    They know that in order for their software to look even more impressive, they have to include cookies as being "suspicious".

    That way, if a customer initally wipes all malicious spyware with their program and are clean, each time the customer re-runs the anti-whatever program, "cookies" are identified as being present, and (sometimes) the user is presented with a choice to keep the cookies or delete them.

    So not knowing any better, the user deletes all cookies. Say they run the anti-whatever once a week. You know and I know that just about every website you visit sets a cookie.

    In the end-user's mind, the anti-whatever software is doing a FANTASTIC job, just look at all the stuff it finds!

    Bad for us. Another reason why there needs to be another method to track referrals rather than use cookies.

    Whaddya think?
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