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    Orbitz vs Cheaptickets
    First of all hi to everyone. I was wondering if anyone could share their experience with Orbitz program. I've been with Cheaptickets for some time and my earnings per 100 clickthroughs (EPC, I believe) is around $10. I was considering joining Orbitz - their commission structure is more generous - but for some reason I can't get my application even reviewed by them - my site doesn't meet some mysterious criteria. Anyway, I would like to hear about Orbitz EPC or perhaps someone has been with both programs. I just want to know what I'm missing . I would be really grateful for information.

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    Nice troll for a first post as both Adwhore operations are more over exposed then then a obese woman in a string bikini. Together they hawk billions of popups for all BHO's and email cookie wash whatever legit traffic you can send them. So re-think you claims.
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    Travel Merchant A vs. Travel Merchant B
    I won't name the merchants, cuz I can't remember the names. A few months ago I went to my travel page looking to buy airline tickets from one of my links and saw the light.

    Go to the merchant sites and do a search for airline tickets, hotels...whatever. And search for something that is hard to find like Denver to Podunkville, MO. Get a page that returns no results and see where else they suggest you try your search.

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