I have been using the Merchants datafeeds on my site for a while now and have found that some merchants send out emails when they have updated their feeds.

Well it would be nice if this information was also provided on the site right next to the list of datafeeds that you can join or are accepted in.

I say this because I am not sure if every merchant emails their affiliates when they have updated their feed. If they don't then I will not now when to update it on my site. I could update every merchants feed within my database on a daily basis, but then that would just waste my time and my bandwidth as I know for a fact that quite a few merchants within ShareASale don't update their datafeeds on a daily basis. Some are done every 2 days, weekly, fortnightly, etc.

So Brian could you add information about the last update of every merchants feed next to the merchants datafeed downloads page.

Thanks and I look forward to bringing your merchants even more sales in the near future.