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    This tip is for those who may ever get a dedicated server (or have one) and want to register their own name servers. Make sure you turn off domain locking (transfer locking, whatever your registrar calls it) FIRST.

    I found that out after 2 days of yelling at Dotster (the website, not the people ) for giving me an error every time I tried to register my name servers. Seems you can't do it when domain locking is enabled.

    Anyway, now off to finish getting my server set up.

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    Its the same when transfering a domain name to a new registrar, I did a few at once and not a one of them went through, I later found out the old registrar automaticly locked all domain names (as a precaution against theft I think) once I unlocked them they went through no problem.

    I transfered them to Haikos domain service actually, (link in top navigation bar) (plug, plug) LOL
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