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    New coupon codes for
    I've just posted some new coupon codes to the SAS database for Here they are just in case:

    $5 OFF orders over $50 Expires Dec 31, 2005 Code: 5DEAL
    $10 OFF order over $100 Expires Dec 31, 2005 Code: 10DEAL
    $20 OFF orders over $300 Expires Dec 31, 2005 Coed: 20DEAL

    Ron Goldman
    Affiliate Manager

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    $5 OFF orders over $50 Expires Dec 31, 2005 Code: 5DEAL
    $10 OFF order over $100 Expires Dec 31, 2005 Code: 10DEAL
    $20 OFF orders over $300 Expires Dec 31, 2005 Coed: 20DEAL

    This is just to help, hope you understand, no criticism intended.

    I have seen many times when merchants want offer long coupons codes but perhaps it's why it slows down the sales for both affiliates and merchants. I think most prefer long coupon dates so that they do not have to change codes so often, but it really looses the effect of the mind to consumers to "rush" to get it. Usually creating codes based around events works best, such as Mother's day, etc. Expires 3 days before the actual Holiday or event. I know it's a pain to have to keep changing on the network and on sites, but it works for the best to generate sales much faster, also might help you move old inventory not needed after the season.
    I think if you offer a coupon that expires way until December it will not create a sense of urgency to your customers. Which is what you want for them to click-through quick to make that purchase so that they save $$$

    For example when you look at your local newspaper on Sundays and see ads for Sears, Target, Walmart and other retail stores, they usually have starting and ending dates for the sales of their products advertised. This is intended so that the customer (1) knows when to get ready for the sale (2) knows they have so many days before offer expires. Creates the effect of urgency. If you leave the coupon dates so long the customer's mind says, "No problem I have plenty of time" and they click to something else.

    The majority, as we all know, are woman that like to shop by coupon and they in a way like the excitement of rushing to get that product on "sale" before others do.

    If you meant something else then I apologize for jumping the gun. I have explained to others before, but just though I'd help with some free open suggestions.

    Before you change it, perhaps others can weigh in their thoughts.

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    I actually like them. What an affiliate can do is just leave off the expiration but make a note of it. You can also mix it up, have the long ones posted above for those affiliates who like the longer ones and the shorter ones for affiliates who like those. Also on a side not. For merchants who make personalized codes for affiliates, codes with the site name or something, they should at least be equal or better then those offered up in the creative, not worse.

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