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    Greetings from a new member!
    I started displaying google ads on my blog few weeks ago and now plan to make a real website with high paying ads. Just one question:
    Are there real people checking each website registered to adsense program? Or may be they use software and there is no human factor? I am afraid to violate TOS about making website just to display ads....
    By the way, I have a list of high paying keywords on my blog but, I am afraid it is not allowed to post an url here (which is right i think) so if you would like to get them email me ok? (
    Thank you

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    Yes, they do check up on TOS through several means.
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    like real people? I mean how do they decide wether the site is made specifically to display ads?
    Thank you

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    If you are unsure about your sites and the TOS, then I would highly recommed emailing the google adsense team to get approved for adsense. This will put you in a favorable position if there is ever an issue. I did this when I first started, and I was surprised with how quick they responded and how helpful they were. Expect a couple days for a response but it is well worth it. There my 2 cents...

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