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    Question Directory Submission Renewal - Yahoo
    I have just been sent a reminder to renew my directory listing. Currently my site is listed in pole position in the web search for most of my popular terms as well as the directory listing. So I am really happy.

    Question is whether this is going to change if I don't renew. Sure it will drop from the directory but how will this affect the web listing? Google page rank for the directory listing is 4 so not massively influencial. The huge majority of referrals come from http://yahoo/search and relatively few from directory URLs.

    Am I better off paying $299 for an adwords or Yahoo sponsored search ad program?

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    Doesn't matter in the long run. Yahoo has already peaked.

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    I received an inclusion notice as well, first I've received out of the 20 or so listed at Yahoo..... not sure what to make out of it, but won't pay for a lot of content sites to be included in their directory. If they don't want good content, people will search elsewhere.
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    Yahoo!'s policy changed a LONG time ago that the $299 was going to be an annual fee, instead of a one-time charge.

    Every site owner needs to evaluate the cost-efficincy of the Yahoo! directory listings, compared to the search listings. If the listing is paying for itself, then it could remain a viable promotion avenue, if not then there are other ways of investing the $299.

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    I have a single deciding factor:

    1. Do you spend more then $2000 a month on PPC ?
    2. Do you get more then 5000 uniques from Yahoo every month ?
    3. Do you spend more then $1000 a month on your linkbuilding ?

    If either of these is yes, go ahead and do the renewal, else not.

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