Ok Publishers!

I want desperately to give you a $10 Bonus - Please let me!!!!

The month before last I ran an incentive to try and get everyone involved. Giving a bonus for 10 sales. Apparently a number of you saw this as out of reach......I've therefore reconsidered the incentive bonus.....

I want eveyone be a winner!
So during the month of May for every 5 sales on CJ you will receive a $10 Bonus on top of your already high commission!!!

To help you get these sales, we've got tons of creative and text links up for you to take advantage of. I update automatically all special offer banners and seasonal links. Most of our links direct customers to targeted landing pages including a $5 Coupon on their first order.

Let me know if you require anything special for your site.

If you are a new publisher to our program, or an exsisting publisher (cough cough) that hasn't promoted us in the past then please also take advantage of our "Get Linking" competition - Offer ends May 31st.

To take part you MUST -
-Get a text or banner link up
-Email me so I can add you to the "Get Linking" list
-Get your first sale

Then I'll add an extra $5 to your commission on the order.

Please everyone take advantage of our program, I am here to help in anyway and love to hear back from you, so please take advatage of this!!!

Also Please Please Please email me with your most convenient email address, as I have so much trouble getting a response on the CJ Interface Email.

Best of Luck,

Amanda Hayes