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    Exclamation Merchants - you're affiliates are having trouble
    Merchants, I don't know if you've noticed, but your affiliates are having trouble with Linkshare.
    1. Affiliates cannot see what they've made with your program for March and April.
    2. Affiliate's information is incorrect in the interface, we don't know what else is wrong...
    3. Affiliates can't even login now.

    Guess what that last item means? Now we can't get any of your links to post at our sites.

    We need your help.

    Linkshare has largely ignored our problems, can you use your influence to help us get answers to these problems?


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    We are looking into this closely, we have several test accounts as well that give us the:

    Your submission contained the errors listed below. Please update the form and re-submit:
    • Error, we were not able to verify your legal name, address, and SSN with a third party verification service. Please check your legal name, address, and SSN, and try again.
    One is with the actual merchant !!

    I have emails and calls in to my LS contacts....
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    I sure wish the other Linkshare forum merchants would step forward with your attitude Andy. Your programs are paid up for March. Your trusted 3rd party is paranoid they'd cut a consolidated check that might be one penny over the allotted amount due an affiliate. LS is no longer transparent on any front, right when the media and legal bulldogs are demanding more transparency over Spyware/Adware partnerships.

    Affiliates are less then forgiving when they can't even get paid for completed efforts. LS sure is finding out what we've screamed at them for years. They are hamstrung by slow pay and no-pay major merchants using legit affiliates as cannon fodder for free traffic. Bet Adwords and Overture are loving the increased spend from merchant AM's trying to combat the stale creatives left up while the sheeple get starved out of the game.
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    I don't want to put you on the spot here for you and your merchants, but you say you have emails and calls (plural for each). Are you, as an Affiliate Manager, having the same problems getting support from LS as we are?

    I think we all want the goal to be a better LS. I've struggled here trying to get LS to understand their are problems and they keep saying they know it (lots of appologies), but how many years has this been going on?

    Frustration is not a strong enough word anymore.
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    Deactivate my Account -> Forget.

    Best 2 moves I ever made a few months ago as a Linkshare affiliate.

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    We presently have one merchant with reporting issues, one merchant with access issues but the others are reporting okay. Aff accounts we run we migrated to the new system early on and haven't tested with new accounts of late. We'll check that and see what we see.

    We have been discussing the lack of access to payment data with LS and I'll have to get Patrick to post the info he got Monday as I don't have it on me.

    All said though, no sales data should be lost as it is stored on merchant servers and can be resent via LTRANs if a merchant has had issues reporting the sales.


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    Andy and Chris, thank you.

    One of the issues that we have, has to do with the response (or lack thereof) from Linkshare. So far we have had an apology from Steve, but no explanation or plan.

    I am sure he feels like sharing whatever plan they have would be a waste of time, and would get the same response from affiliates as a simple "We're working on it," but it isn't.

    A plan describing what steps are being taken, the expected outcome, and the time frame would be appreciated. I don't think we'll ever see it though.


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    At least we know that affiliates aren't the only ones who are having problems.

    If they can't verify the companies who have been writing their company regular checks, this is a serious sign that their 'verification' systems are seriously flawed.

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