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    January 19th, 2005
    Question Private:: DO NOT READ...
    LinkShare - What's UP..??
    I go to log in.. can't log in...

    I have to re-apply..
    on the application page I see this::

    Which of these marketing channels will you use to promote your merchant partners? Please select all that apply
    Web Site
    Adware/Browser Plug-in < ?????

    So now even with all the crap that is going on your just going to flat out ask.. like this is somehow an acceptable option...
    Why not list SpyWare as well ???

    Thanks But No Thanks!
    Your links will never be seen on my pages again..
    I only had one active merchant left with you any way since I have been weeding out the scum that allow this type of activity and that just proves I was going in the right direction!

    See Ya.......
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    January 18th, 2005
    That just about does it for me too. I'll be removing myself from all Linkshare merchants and remove myself from Linkshare. Hopefully the good merchants see what's going on and offer in-house programs or alternative affiliate opportunities.

    In fact, i'm even considering making a whole new site... or something (actually i'll have to think of a name that doesn't mess with their trademarked name).

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    anti-linkshare would be just fine. The courts have ruled in many instances that complaint sites like that have the right to use the name. I.E.

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