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    Donuts - Need Your Help

    I think you are the one that has been doing a lot of testing with
    180solutions Zango Search Assistant. Maybe I should have posted this in
    the 180 forum, but thought you might see it here quicker and figure 180
    probably keeps a close eye on that forum. I've been doing a lot of testing
    with 180 also, and it seems like Microsoft Antispyware no longer removes it.
    I've installed and uninstalled 180 a lot with testing it, and when I was
    installing it today I noticed Microsoft Antispyware gave me another warning
    than usual about it trying to put something into startup. After my testing,
    I ran Microsoft Antispyware to remove it like usual, but when I shut down
    and restarted my computer I got a warning from Zonealarm that Search
    Assistant was trying to access the internet. I allowed it to see what would
    happen, and I was still getting the popups from Zango even though I had
    just used Microsoft Antispyware to remove it. Thought maybe you would
    want to test for this to see if the same thing happens to you. It happened
    to me twice today now. I think if I use the Add/Remove in my control panel
    that it does get removed and doesn't startup again when I restart my
    computer, but will have to do some more testing.

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    Yep, it looks like Microsoft Antispyware is no longer removing 180solutions Zango
    Search Assistant, at least on my computer. I used the Add/Remove function in my
    control panel to uninstall Zango. That did seem to work. Then I installed Zango
    again, ran Microsoft Antispyware and supposedly removed Zango. Then I shut down
    my computer and restarted it , got a warning from ZoneAlarm that Search Assistant
    was trying to access the internet, allowed it to see what would happen, and was
    still getting popups from Zango. Microsoft Antispyware does list 180search Assistant
    and Zango Search Assistant, and I did select to remove them, but 180 must
    have made a change so that Microsoft Antispyware can no longer remove it.

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    Try running the MS product in safe mode and see what happens.

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    I can uninstall it if I use Add/Remove in the control panel. But Microsoft Antispyware
    used to remove it before, now it doesn't so I am thinking 180solutions must have
    made some change to it to stop Microsoft Antispyware from removing it. Just
    discovered this today and thought you might be interested in knowing this, which is
    why I posted this here.

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    I have seen the same thing. I am waiting to hear from Microsoft on this issue. They aren't saying much. As I've dug around for information, I've learned that the Microsoft Anti-Spyware product, which is still in Beta, is scheduled for complete overhaul and massive re-release in July. So I believe the Microsoft gang is watching all the people using MS A-S and watching how the spyware stuff renames itself - and they are planning how to best attack the situation.

    Looking forward to MS's announcement about the changes and upgrades to the product in July. I would guess the product is going to be even more effective than it is today as they're learning tons about how people are infected, re-infected and through what security holes. Make sure you join spynet when you use the MS product - this is the main feedback loop where they are collecting data about how to kill the freaking infestations in the future.

    My birthday is in July - my 40th - a biggie! My wife asked me what I want - I told her "for Microsoft's Anti-Spyware program to remain free". I think she's called Bill Gates already and told him about my desires...

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