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    Earning Report

    I would like to find out how do I run a report to check if all my affiliate earinings have been paid?

    I have been receiving direct deposit from CJ. It's just a total amount, but how do i run a report to find out which merchants are included in the payments?

    When I ran Nov, 2004 transaction report, I can see I have tons of transactions which have the type "Sale" and the status "Locked". Are these transactions not yet paid by the merchants?

    Please advise.

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    Click on the PAYMENT STATUS link next to your current balance. A box will open up. Click on PAYMENT HISTORY. Click on one of the DATE SENT links. You'll see a summary breakdown of what that payment includes. It lists the merchant name, month and amount. If you select the report at the bottom, they will email it to you. You can ask for an Aggregate Report or All Transaction Report.

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    Thanks Tracy!

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