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    WM-If and WM-AccessLink: Can you wrap a conditional around an AccessLink?
    I am wondering whether anybody knows if you can conditionally display AccessLinks. I only want to display text associated with AccessLinks when the field is not empty. The syntax I have tried to use to achieve this is following:

    [WM-If WM-AccessLink: PublicEmailAddress = true]
    Email: [WM-AccessLink: PublicEmailAddress]<br />

    [WM-If WM-AccessLink: Website = true]
    Website: [WM-AccessLink: Website]<br />

    I know that you can only use the value 'Field' with WM-IF but I need to conditionally show text associated with an AccessLink, not a field.

    The answer is probably staring me in the face but I have been looking at it for too long. If anyone has any ideas, please your help would be much appreciated.

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    The WM-AccessLink tag is designed for generating links using the multi-part data specially formatted within fields of that type in MS Access. To evaluate the contents of such fields in an IF comparison you can use the WM-Field tag with something like this:

    [WM-If: Field: MyAccessField contains true]
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