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    New Bill Targets Spyware Profits
    The tide has begun to turn....

    "In other words, get after the ill-gotten gains of these criminals," he said. "The proceeds can be used to actually fund further prosecutions."

    Allen also threw a sharp elbow at pop-up adware firms, such as Claria and WhenU, that are fighting current efforts requiring them to obtain a user's consent before installing their trafficking software.

    "Every legitimate business associated with the Internet has a clear interest in eliminating spyware," he said. "In fact, false and misleading practices associated with spyware threaten consumer confidence and harm the Internet as a viable medium for communications and electronic commerce."
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    Let's just hope the tide continues in this direction.

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    Not one network incubated and monitized BHO theftware perp, didn't use hidden bundling and drive-by installations to shove a Adware enema tube up the butthole of every system hooked to the internet. Every one appearing on the radar here was shown to steal other affiliates commissions and double-dip merchnats for a living.

    The BHO plan was always to remain nameless and domainless. Even the TopMoxie Incent BHO's try and limit any reward/point/rebate payments to only the minority of their loyality club members once a year. They keep 100% of the incents for those getting hidden installs and drive-by downloads.
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    Allen noted that the survey showed that the average infected computer had more than 90 spyware programs on it.

    "Since spyware violators are not limited to state or national borders to perpetrate their illegal activity -- the legislation will set a national standard for the unfair and deceptive practices associated with spyware," Allen said.
    Well, I hope they aren't talking about legitimate cookies.
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    Legitimate depends on who you ask. Third party cookies were included in one of the National Spyware bills, but then was removed. I can pretty much guarantee you that some of the 90 spyware programs cited included tracking cookies because that information is coming from Earthlinks reports provided by Webroot detections.

    It's a potential risk of affs cookies showing up in someone's legislation.

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