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    Exclamation LinkShare - New Payment System
    Why did you go "LIVE" with a system that is not 100%
    Why would you risk EVERYONES payment information?

    Anyone who has ever worked on a network knows you NEVER go live with something that is not going to work 100%. If you needed to run a BETA test you should have run THOSE on your own time.. NOT Messed with everyones information.. and let us flounder while you work out your own internal network issues! That is total where is your backup of the old system that worked just fine? Why can't you put that back in place until your "issues" are resolved..?

    OH never mind I just removed your last link from my site anyway..
    Good luck everyone on getting this worked out with LINKSHARE..

    With all the new stuff in the media about the type of services you provide staying with you would be like going BACK in time and BUYING a ticket on the TITANIC.. totally dumb!
    just wanted to work this little guy in somehow..
    SEE YA..

    Which of these marketing channels will you use to promote your merchant partners? Please select all that apply

    Web Site
    Adware/Browser Plug-in

    The Misquitos of justice are buzzing around your heads as I type this message.. you can swat at them but you will get bit..!! When it's all over you'll be itchin for some relief..
    I can't wait for the film footage..

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    Linkshare was the first network I ever signed up with when I began doing this stuff. However, it was not until I signed up with other networks that I started receiving checks. I have NEVER received any check from Linkshare and dumped all of their links years ago. Any time I am tempted to take a 2nd look at Linkshare all I have to do is take a glance at ABW and I know Linkshare doesn't deserve a 2nd chance.
    Rick M.
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