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    Anti-virus and Tracking Cookies
    I am looking for good antivirus software that plays nicely with tracking cookies.

    My home PC got infected, from what I believe was a drive by scumware install. I noticed a new favorite added to IE. I immediately ran my AV software, CA's (which I donít care for) and it completely hung the system. My only thought is that the virus disabled the AV software Now, after rebooting my screen turns on and off (then I thought maybe somethingís wrong with my monitor) ... so I TRY to boot into safe mode.... Cant even do that ..... so, I boot to dos, just to see if the monitor is ok, and it is.

    Now my weekend will be spent fixing my PC I wonder what my wife installed, hmmm

    Anyway, Iím looking for a good antivirus software. A friend suggested AVG's Anti Virus, but donít know if it plays nice with tracking cookies. Any comments/suggestions would be great

    PS. I have MS's Spyware and CA's antivirus installed, I also have a firewall but canít remember what and it still got through.

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    I use AVG and I really like it.

    I don't know of any antivirus programs that mess with cookies. It's mainly ad blockers and some anti-spyware programs that mess with cookies. Microsoft's Antispyware software is the one I recommend since it doesn't classify affiliate cookies as spyware.

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    I use both AVG and the unbundled version of Norton. Running a online scan at TrendMicro sometimes gets the Adware/spyware bundled computer back door trojan horse viruses. But the sleazebag affiliate installers on the BHO payrolls often use viruses to block existing installations of Norton, MaAfee, Ad-Aware, SpyBot S&D from scanning or updating.

    The BHO vendors actually reward their affiliates and distribution partners for devising ways to infest and re-infest systems, while giving out bonuses for those using viruses to whack the most popular detection/removal tools.

    Best bet, if you can't get a online connection in Safe Mode, is to get a CDRW copy of the Microsoft Anti-Spyware Beta install file from a friends computer. Install and run it in the safe mode to whack some Adware/Spyware roots. Also install from the same CDRW the most upto date AVG anti-virus program in Safe Mode. Good luck as none of the exorcisms are standard proceedures.
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