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    How are sales tracked at CJ, LS and SAS ?
    By following an affiliate url, a visitors ends through the network at the merchant. I have no doubt these clicks are tracked the proper way. But how about sales. Is this an auto process or done manually ?

    I have some small merchants which do not convert at all. Small companies are having probably small profits are could be tempted to ignore some affiliate sales. Who cares and who knows.

    Inhouse tracking from small companies is something I prefer to avoid completely.

    How do I know if all sales are rewarded ? Do we simply have to trust everybody? The same for reversed sales.

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    How do I know if all sales are rewarded ? Do we simply have to trust everybody? The same for reversed sales.
    There is no way anywhere that we will know if all the sales are rewarded.

    We don't have to trust everybody, we only have to try to trust the merchant, the affiliate manager if they use one, and ... and ... and the network the merchant is using if they use one.

    But if you're religious, some additional pray or won't hurt.

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    Test purchases are a vital part of affiliate marketing.
    There are some programs that I do not promote because they sell only high dollar items that I do not want or need. As a rule, if the site does not sell something that I am not willing to buy once in a while, I might promote it, but certainly do not spend any money promoting it. Any site that I spend money promoting gets regular test purchases. If a merchant forbids this, that is simply the merchant telling me that they plan on stealing from me.

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    Test & Trust
    Testing is always a good idea but there are sooo many ways a merchant can
    cheat you that in the end it all comes down to trust.

    We recently did a test purchase through a merchants site and everything
    tracked just fine.

    When the merchandise arrived we found it packed with collateral material
    promoting products that were not featured on their site and PROMOTING an 800
    number BIG TIME. They didn't think anything of that BUT changed their
    shipping procedures when we informed them of the leakage problem.

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