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    Noobie question(How to get started)!!!

    I am trying to decide on how to get started with affiliate marketing. I understand the part about creating a niche website on a topic that you know and then writing as much content about that topic and then weaving in some affiliate links to related products.

    But let's say I want to sell timberland boots. How do I go about creating a sales site. Can I create 1 page with a sales pitch about timberland boots and then put a link to a merchant who sells that product.

    Because reading through some of the threads I noticed that some people say your site should be around 4 pages or more with alot of content. So how do I create 4 pages if I just want to sell timberland boots or 1 specific product ?


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    It is easy to create 5 pages for the boots. Just right about alot of content. Put your self in the shoes of your consumer.

    Why would I buy them? What is different on your site?

    Normally the thing that works for me that I have tried, is to give your visitors a reason to buy them even if they never intended. Think of ways how you could convert people into buying tims. I practiced at a local retail garmetn store i used to work at.

    THe people would come in, and as long as you give them an "idea" using the product they will buy it. I know some people will say that is not an "Online" thing but to tell you the truth it has worked for me. For example if i were to sell mens tuxedo my content would probably start of like "Make your engangement perfect. Be the one that outshines from every other guy. Look good in this fantastic.... etc"..

    I beleive it is leader who is really firm on a sales site rather than content. He would be best to reply.

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