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    Let Mitsui know of LinkShare's Failures
    Over this past week we've been one of many who have called LinkShare, tried our rep, tried emails that have gone unanswered, watched for posts on boards like this, looked for updates that never were posted on LinkShare's site -- and in general have seen the continued incompetence from LinkShare -- both their technology, fiscal responsibility & administration, and lack of any customer service.

    LinkShare has been working for 6 years, (6 years!) to try and do direct deposit (let alone consolidated payments) - something every other Affiliate Provider has been doing for years. Now they deploy and we've all seen the absolute cluster of it seize as they use affiliates to Beta their poorly constructed system.

    Its obvious that LinkShare caters to Merchants (as opposed to CJ who is much more affiliate friendly) -- but even Merchants have little sway with them -- to move to CJ for instance would be a signficant cost and development effort for most.

    SO -since LinkShare has continued to refuse to respond to their customers or merchants - what we are doing is escalating matters with Mitsui. Mitsui is the Japanese firm who funded a large part of LinkShare operations and maintains close ties. LinkShare still has press releases on their site about Mitusi, and their members are present at virtually all LInkShare functions.

    While it may be a violation of tos to tell others what to do, we are going to provide helpful info. for anybody else who independently chooses to do the same or is interested:
    Mitsui & Co. (U.S.A.), Inc.
    200 Park Avenue
    New York, NY 10166
    Tel. (212) 878-4000
    Fax: (212) 878-4800

    Link to LinkShare press release re: Mitsui financing:

    Some may feel this is an over-reaction and we should all just sit back and wait. Thats fine and you're welcome to your opinion. This is reality, and this is business, with real consequences and real lives invovled -- LinkShare's handling of this matter has clearly demonstrated fiscal, management, and technical irresponsibility --- grieving to them direclty has been absolutely ignored. We've been very cordial and cooperative trying to work with LinkShare reasonably - but frankly letting your Merchants and LinkShare's partners/funders to know is really the only actionable course left. At least in our opinion.

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    From the press release ( ), March 1, 2005:

    Amid an expanding domestic affiliate marketing business in Japan, LinkShare Japan held a symposium in Tokyo on March 1 commemorating the establishment of the company. We spoke with LinkShare U.S. Chairman and CEO Stephen Messer, as well as President and COO Heidi Messer, during their visit to Japan, about their hopes for the Japanese market. LinkShare Japan established its partnership with LinkShare U.S. in March 2001, and began operations as a division of Mitsui & Co., Ltd. It incorporated in January 2005, becoming independent of Mitsui. From the fact that Japan is the first country they began operations in after doing so in the United States, it is clear that both visiting executives see Japan as a crucial market.

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    Good note - they may now be partially divested of Mitsui, but the ties go deep and they're still closely intertwined.

    Thanks for the updated tag though.

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    Thumbs up


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    Thanks for the great post here and your efforts. Irresponsibility is the word of the day for LinkShare. You, know, all Mr. Messer had to do several weeks ago to save his company all this disgrace was to come here regularly and do a little fancy PR. For what this mistake is costing his company and his merchants, he could have easily hired some staff or given his own staff some bonuses to beef up support.

    Most of all, I think Mr. Messer should have come here and said that they made a mistake. Yes, they thought they had tested. Yes, they thought they were ready, but were not and that they were going back to the old methods until this all could be completely tested before implementation.

    As an affiliate I am very frustrated. If I was a merchant, I would be infuriated!!!
    Ron Bechdolt | Affiliate Program Management Consultant
    7 Days A Week Marketing

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    if news of the rewards debacle(s) got around for months, can you imagine what back-fence fodder the current situation is producing?

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