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    Claria Is A CJ Affiliate?
    I just received a report from a merchant that Claria is now a CJ affiliate. Account ID number 1515692, in the name of Claria Corporation. Associated with , which Claria has purchased. See whois, Claria's Web Properties listing.

    I don't immediately understand how Market Street Shopping fits in with Claria's main business of tracking what web sites users visit and showing pop-up ads. Perhaps Claria will show MSS content as a popup, thereby sending traffic to CJ through such popups?

    I will be testing for this soon. Meanwhile, I thought other ABW members might want to check it out too...

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    That's so nice of CJ to take good care of their affiliates. They really want the headlines in the news.
    "Claria Corporation is a leader in online behavioral marketing, serving over 43 million consumers and more than 1000 Advertisers to date.
    Based on research from March 2005: Changes browser settings, for example the default search provider, home or error page(s) etc., without user permission at time of change. Silently connects to an unintended location to transmit personal information. Silently tracks input or personally identifiable information without user permission."

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    Maybe it's related to BehaviorLink? Did the merchant give you a join date? Looking at the PID it seems to be a recent join.

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    I don't care if they put a GPS sending unit in a tampon on a cross marketing deal and spin it as "IntimateWear" rather then Spyware or Adware. These perps are evil unethical money grubbers trying to justify hijacking your system for the better good ...their own...not yours. If Claria could write a dictionary they'd define "kidnapping" as an act of mercy and kindness, whereby the child is scurried off to some small room for a nap and some free game play.
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    Using technology does not change the nature of a pickpocket criminal, it only scales its reach.

    I share your utter disgust.
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