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    January 18th, 2005
    Hi All

    Got my weekly BC Newsletter which had the following excellent article from Edwin Hayward.

    > From: Edwin Hayward
    > Subject: StealWare
    > > This is what I sent to and
    > > The only action I can think of is to
    > > contact all of your merchants and... suggest
    > > they run their own associate tracking software...
    > - Ian Hewitt, Daily 1430
    > While Ian Hewitt's intentions are good, what he may not realise is
    > that the affiliate networks are VERY aware of the "StealWare" issue
    > and are fighting a strong battle to preserve the status quo. There
    > have been many hundreds of posts on the matter to the ABW forums at
    > [cut & paste this link] (I'm not affiliated
    > with the site - I just post there a lot!)
    > Fundamentally, the affiliate networks are a big WINNER in the
    > StealWare scenario, since they make commissions on formerly
    > "uncommissionable" sales, as well of course as continuing to make
    > commissions on regular affiliate sales since the StealWare
    > companies are also affiliates, and therefore CJ, BeFree, Linkshare
    > and Performics make their commission on the latter sales regardless
    > of whether they are credited to the "correct" party or to a
    > StealWare company.
    > The real dirtiness of the game being played out comes when you look
    > at the behaviour of many of these StealWare programs a little more
    > closely (note that StealWare is definitely not limited to file
    > sharing software -- although it is often bundled *with* this type
    > of software -- for example, Gator is StealWare).
    > Many StealWare packages don't just overwrite or otherwise hijack
    > *affiliate* links -- they also intercept traffic flowing directly
    > to a merchant. For example, if a person types
    > into the location field of the web browser, or searches for "used
    > books" and clicks on Merchant A's link, or indeed browses on Yahoo!
    > and sees a banner ad run by Merchant A and clicks on it.
    > Under normal circumstances all this direct traffic is, naturally
    > enough, uncommissionable. In other words, it comes about as the
    > direct result of the promotional and branding efforts (and
    > marketing $) expended by Merchant A.
    > So where does StealWare enter the picture? On the merchant site
    > itself! Some StealWare packages pop up coupons or other
    > distractions once a visitor arrives at a merchant site that the
    > StealWare company is affiliated with, even if the visitor came
    > there *directly* as outlined above.
    > What happens is that the visitor then is induced to click on the
    > "distraction" and is sent back to the merchant, either directly or
    > via an intermediary page. Suddenly, that merchant finds itself
    > having to pay a commission to the StealWare company on traffic that
    > THE MERCHANT brought to its own site!
    > And guess who gets 20-30% of ALL commissions, regardless of their
    > origin? The AFFILIATE NETWORKS, of course!
    > The key to cracking this problem is not to expect the ANs to fight
    > on behalf of the merchants and affiliates -- their recent actions
    > have shown that they're working on behalf of the greater Profit
    > god. Instead, you need to work to *inform and educate* the
    > merchants you work with most regularly, since the vast majority
    > have never heard of StealWare (also called Parasiteware or Scumware
    > btw) or have any inkling that they are essentially having money
    > stolen from their own pockets.
    > Indeed, until they are enlightened to this shocking state of
    > affairs, many merchants no doubt prize these StealWare companies
    > amongst their most important and productive affiliates (since the
    > volume of transactions and commissions they will be driving will,
    > in general, be high) -- not realising that their revenue is derived
    > from a combination of commissions poached from hard- working
    > affiliates and from traffic stolen "at source" i.e. directly at the
    > merchant site itself.
    > Shocking isn't it?
    > Edwin Hayward
    > Free Email Address Directory
    > Comment?

    Chris Sanderson Partner Management
    90 Return Days : 100% Parasite Free : Fast Support : Commission on ALL Sales.

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    January 18th, 2005
    St Clair Shores MI.
    Great article and a must read for merchant AM's who think they can hide the double dippingg from their bosses.

    On the subject of the reach afforded by the P2P Stealware the corporate workspace might soon be blocked to all you merchants seeking that prime buying target audience. LOL at you when your monitizing these P2P networks that result in multi-million dollar fines to companies whose employees download these FREEBEE theftware programs. Place all your affiliate marketing efforts into migrate and feedingf the parasites and you'll be left high and dry eventually and we won't want you back!

    "By John Borland
    Special to ZDNet News
    October 9, 2002, 4:57 AM PT
    "Technology companies Macrovision and Websense are teaming up to root out illegal MP3s, movies, games and other copyrighted material on employees' work computers."

    WebMaster Mike

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    January 17th, 2005

    a BIG chunk of my visitors come during the hours of 10am to 3pm monday thru friday, during "normal business hours". hopefully, blocking parasite downloads at work should do wonders for a lot of us affiliates.

    wtg, IT dept guys!

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