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    Angry satellite industry sucking and rapid satellite lost it??
    Well we all know a long while back how rapid booted all its international affiliates with some crap about u need to be in the USA as we are a world unto ourselves and dont recognize countries outside

    well i knew i was one of them and took down all of their crap from my site

    today i get a email saying that my site is in violation from them and that all international affiliates were terminated

    Im like DUH!... already know that.. and got your crap off my site the day you sent your lame email..

    they then said take your site down.. Im like.. I dont think so! its my site. second i use it for adsense as the whole satellite industry is sucking like a big bad hoar, only thing worth promoting in it is adsense.

    like how many other people did rapid screw over.. I heard there was many that never got paid and many that were screwed out of their 2nd tier affiliate earnings..

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    Certain industries filled full of no-inventory middlemen deserve to have their Adwords & Overture accounts drained. Hard not to make some cents from both the Satellite industry and their herd of PPCSE playas via keyword display ads.
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    what the hell does that mean

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lasthope
    what the hell does that mean
    you two deserver each other.

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    Anything high ticket is swamped with parasite activity. Satellites are infested worse than any niche I play in and any niche I test. Tide should start turning with the bounty programs announced and in place and making some progress.

    And Mike's saying the merchants in the satellite industry are middlemen, not the actual suppliers - as such they all run internal PPC campaigns - so it's very tough to compete given your margin is always smaller than a merchants. And the merchants aggressively bid the best keywords - PPC for sats is not for the small budgeted, risk averse types - and it's definitely not for beginners.

    It's possible to make money in satellites, but PPC newbies should practice EXTREME caution when pricing their bids. It is possible to burn through $5k in a day for real traffic priced at very high per click bids. Best to cut your teeth on something a little less competitive.
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    It is possible to burn through $5k in a day for real traffic priced at very high per click bids.
    Maybe that is possible for someone else, but not in this lifetime for me, I am not there yet.

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