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Thread: BettyMills Free GBC Shredder Promo !

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    BettyMills Free GBC Shredder Promo !
    The Betty Mills Company has partnered with GBC to bring you the best prices in Presentation Materials and Office Products. GBC is a world leader in products that bind, shred, laminate, and display information.

    Selling GBC office products from BettyMills is a BLOCKBUSTER business.

    Add in our FREE GBC Shredder FPC Promotion, and you'll be selling product faster than google can index your websites!

    Here's how you can get in on the action and get paid a handsome $100 bonus:

    BettyMills will pay you an INSTANT $25 to build a GBC store on your website. Show us your GBC store, get the $25.

    On top of that Betty will pay you:
    • A $25 bonus on your first GBC order
    • Another $25 bonus on your second GBC order
    • Another $25 bonus on your third GBC order
    That's an additional $100 on top of the MONDO 10% commission for this campaign.

    Yesirree folks, we have upped the commission on our GBC campaign to 10%!

    Here ' s what you get:

    All the GBC items that are in our datafeed (click here to download them now!)

    10% commission on all GBC sales through the end of 2005 (you must use the specific GBC campaign, not our general Blast off with Betty campaign)

    A SIZZLING HOT full page creative (FPC) to load on your website View FPC HTML

    A Free Shredder promo until end of June to convert those clicks into high commission sales

    A fresh list of hot keywords for PPC advertising (included in the datafeed)

    A set of super converting GBC banners

    To claim your bonus, send us an email with your affiliate ID and website to show us you've got at least 5 pages of Betty's GBC items loaded (our FPC counts as one) on your website.

    Log into the BettyMills Affiliate Site now to download all of the Creatives available for this GBC Campaign including the FPC.

    Happy Selling,

    The BettyMills Affiliate Team

    Victor Hanna, The BettyMills Company
    Home of Snack Rewards and the Double Markdown!
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    What is the status of this and other promos such as GOJO, Double Markdown on Arrow Sheds, . The prices no longer match and the GOJO links go to a generic Shop page at BettyMills. The FPC for Arrowsheds loads so slowly because (which presumably has/had the images) is terribly slow.
    Ditto which has the images for the Rubbermaid Sheds FPC.

    The General Supplies FPC also leads to the Shop page.

    Can you please send an email when these old campaigns end (or did I miss reading something)?

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    We are no longer using the FPCs that you mentioned. However, we plan to have a new FPC for outdoor products in a couple of weeks. The Gojo promotion ended on Sept. 30th, so those links will now take you straight to our general page and you may want to update them. The GBC free shedder promotion is also over, but you can still be part of the GBC - Make It Secure campaign. We have updated the datafeed for this campaign so your links should be current!

    Happy Selling,
    The Betty Mills Affiliate Team

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