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    Spyware fighters luring investors
    Nice to see the money going to help support the fight:
    Spyware purveyors aren't the only ones looking to profit from the spread of software that secretly monitors PC use. On the flip side, venture capitalists are pouring big bucks into start-ups with anti-spyware software.
    Full Article:

    Hopefully, the handwriting is on the wall. It is better to put the money into fighting Spyware rather than spreading it.

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    Count me iin brotha...

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    Love it - great find and a great post.
    Thanks - made my day!!!

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    ...key section that should go to Microsoft's $$$Bill Gates which totally isolates Windows and underlying applications from any present and future Virus/Spyware/Adware infections... which I lauded a month ago as the draconian cure.

    .."•New technologies. There are new ways to protect PC users from spyware without requiring them to stop working to zap the bad stuff. Such technology is part of the software developed by GreenBorder in Mountain View, Calif., which has announced $6 million in funding from three VCs. GreenBorder traps spyware in a virtual isolation chamber without interrupting the user, flushing it when the user logs off."

    Bye Bye any and all viruses and Adware bundling and drive-by installs.
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