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    Question Networks question for all of you
    Ive only been around for about 4-6 months and completely new to Affiliate marketing. With that being said, what you all are going through (my sites are in development) with 2 of the 3 major networks is utterly inexcusable.

    Both, from what Ive heard, have parasites - I think 1 is trying to get away from that (correct me if im wrong) which is a good thing. But with this verification and new software they've introduce NUMEROUS errors. Ive been in the IT field for 15+ years. There is normal development life cycle and at the end of that life cycle there's a thing called TESTING.... It appears that either there was no testing or very inadequate testing. How can a business perform like this. I know in other software production a company couldnt survive with this many problems. Also there would be a thing called 'Parallel Testing' ie. the old system and the new system would be running concurrently, and SLOWING migrate users to the new system.

    On the other side, there are know parasites that take your money.... why stay within that network????? If someone was stealing from me, I certainly either call the police or stop the activity that put me in that position in the first place.

    Now, with that .... I do understand that some good merchants are in these networks; and that the niche you want is in these.... I guess I dont understand how you can take so much....... In fact, Im trying to stay within SAS, indys and smaller networks with 100% parasite free.

    Im sure some of this is stating the obvious, but I do want your comments. Maybe, all Ive seen/heard is the bad, and there is some good to these networks.

    Also, if I have the facts wrong, please correct me.

    PS. As you can tell I did NOT name these networks, but Im sure you can tell who they are. In addition, I am NOT affiliated with any network, just a puzzled somewhat new newbie.
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    If it wasn't for forums like this, we'd mostly be working in the dark. There is a lot of frustration in this business due to variations in the way the search engines treat our sites, seasonal aspects, and our own possible lack of expertise in some skills.

    So it gets bottled up and we tend to vent when we finally find a place like this.

    But in that venting there is some truth.

    Yes, one network appears to be extremely inept. Another is always accused of being in bed with or promoting the bad guys, even though their Terms of Service don't allow it. Also, we can't see into their businesses enough to know where we stand among their income producers. We are learning, though, that there is a lot going on behind the green curtains.

    Many of us started out believing everything was perfect and that we would be rewarded for our efforts. Then we found it was possible to siphon off some of our hit credit and therefore our commissions. Lately certain individuals have managed to show proof of this and the repercussions are starting up the pyramid. Indeed, this very forum had its genesis because of these issues. The network that originally hosted these discusstions didn't want its laundry involved in the discussions.

    We are still all individuals. We stick with certain networks for many reasons. Some reasons include the fact that we need certain merchants to provide their names or merchandise to match our pages or sites. But we may individually avoid other merchants because of their new reputation or their lack of communication or trust.

    As you will see from reading the vents and rants and sometimes real evidence, the membership here varies in degrees of volatility. We're not all losing our patience, but we are getting more and more concerned.
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    Every business has challenges. Most brick & mortar business have problems with shoplifting and employee theft. Many businesses have problems with collections. Some businesses have problems with suppliers.

    In any business, what you have to do is to identify the challenges, minimize them, and do what you can to improve things. Affiliate marketing is no different.

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    Even on the networks that promote parasites, there are some good merchants who police their programs to keep parasites out.
    It is my opinion that in coming months/years you will see a trend of major advertisers leaving the networks and starting their own independent programs. They have used the networks to build a large publisher base, but the networks are indeed now becoming too big, too powerful, too cumbersome and too inefficient at solving the very problems that they have created. That is why I think this trend will happen.
    If/when this trend happens, we will then be faced with the occasional merchant who screws you out of commissions in their indie program.
    There will always be issues and as Michael said, we have to identify and minimize them as best we can.

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