Too much!! I've had enough of the pathetic charactor of whoever is making all these changes at LinkShare. Must be a PHD that's figuring out all this stuff, who's never heard the phrase, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." There are some things that are way more important than a few dollars, and I still haven't seen or heard from LinkShare about my bounched check that was 'spose to be straightened out in March(?). LinkShare or Lands End, has never bothered to return my emails conserning the check issues....I cannot believe LS can stay in business this way (treating the affiliates so badly)...and unless they send me a money order, instead of a check, I won't put it thru my bank, but maybe I'll see them in Small Claims, here in my city.

If I ran any of my jobs this way, I'd have no customers!!!